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Jane Quickenden

Counselling & Psychotherapy

How I work

I will provide you with a safe place to explore any difficulties that you are having in your life.


During our sessions you will be able to talk about whatever is on your mind and I will encourage you to speak about your thoughts, feelings, dreams or memories so that together we can begin to understand how your past relationships and experiences affect your life now. Some of those early experiences are likely to affect our therapeutic relationship and when they do we will be able to explore what is happening. As you get a better understanding of what has been causing your difficulties you will then be able to find new ways of relating in the future.  


There may be times, as you come to understand yourself better, that  the work feels difficult but we will face those times together. Over time, through trust and understanding, I can help you to become more self aware so that, if you want to, you can make different choices and decisions about yourself in the future. You will also be able to come to terms with the things that cannot be changed.


It is difficult to say how long on going therapy will take. It can vary from several months to several years. Each session lasts 50 minutes and sessions may take place one or two times a week.   For the work to be effective, it is important that the 50 minute sessions are regular at the same time and normally on the same day or days each week.


The whole session 'belongs' to you whether you chose to attend or not. If you come five minutes from the end of your time I will still see you. I will not offer your time to anyone else, even if I know you are away on holiday, until we formally agree to end the therapy.


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