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In addition to offering ongoing therapy I offer time limited  therapy and have a Post-Qualifying Certificate in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT).


DIT is a time – limited psychodynamic therapy that has been specifically developed for the treatment of depression and anxiety. One of the main ideas of psychodynamic therapy is that when something is very painful we can find ourselves trying to ignore it. Most of the time we know when we are doing this but sometimes we can bury something so successfully that we lose sight of it completely. This is why difficult experiences in the past can continue to affect the way we feel and behave in the present. For example, somebody who was repeatedly rejected in their early life may stop themselves thinking about how painful this is. As an adult they might become depressed, withdraw from relationships, feeling that it is safer to be alone and not have to depend on anyone. Although not getting close to anyone helps them to feel safer, they might also feel lonely and get depressed as a result.


DIT provides people with a safe place to talk openly about how they feel and to understand what might have contributed to them becoming depressed.


It works by drawing attention to the patterns in your relationships. As you come to recognise these patterns you will be helped to understand your depresion and, as you get a better appreciation of what has been happening, you will be able to find new ways of relating in the future.


Jane Quickenden

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Time-limited therapy

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